Aligning needs and passions to promote growth

Leadology is a leadership consulting group focused on the science of flourishing and elevating your managers north of neutral.

Our methodology guides people through a journey of self-discovery using the proven tools of positive psychology and strengths-based learning. With increased self-awareness, managers begin to lead with their strengths, and cultivate the strengths of team members to raise performance to new levels.


Photo by Ira James Photography.

Photo by Ira James Photography.

Leadology founder Carrie Skowronski personally develops and delivers customized programs, training, and coaching, and works with a network of exceptional trainers to scale delivery for larger organizations with multiple locations.

Carrie excels at helping people step into their strengths and cultivate their talents to become inspirational leaders who achieve goals and overcome challenges with confidence. Using evidence-based tools, techniques, and research, she connects with participants with an energy that keeps them engaged, committed, and feeling empowered.

Carrie has more than 20 years’ experience in corporate Human Resources and Management Development. Her certifications include Applied Positive Psychology (CAPP), Gallup StrengthsFinder, Situational Leadership, Franklin Covey’s 5 Choices, Emotional Intelligence (EQi), Conflict Dynamics, Lateral Thinking, and Mind Gym. She graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a B.S. in International Affairs.

Carrie has a way with engaging everyone in a room. She knows how to speak with people on the level they can hear it, which can turn even the most resistant student into one of curiosity.
— Nicole, Lead Educator