Become the leader your team members model for years to come

We all have had that one boss who pulled everyone together, encouraged talent development, and inspired the team to grow beyond apparent limitations. We all want to model that leader, yet entering into a larger role in management is one of the biggest career transitions one can go through. The initial excitement, accomplishment, and achievement you feel can quickly shift to frustration and aggravation in unchartered waters.

Working with Carrie really gave me a motivation and courage to give a try where I really wanted to go with my career.
— Jung

Leadology puts you in touch with your internal leader, giving you the clarity you need to manage teams in the fluid environment of business. The truth is, you are already wired for success. You have everything in you that it takes to become an inspirational leader — yet as with professional athletes, a coach can help you develop your innate talents to achieve a level of performance you may not have imagined. We work with you to bring your strengths to the forefront, honing your decision-making patterns, sharpening interpersonal skills, and reinforcing your confidence to make you a better leader.


Using positive psychology, we focus on the traits that will help you succeed in achieving your vision. With Leadology, you don’t have to keep reading the latest books on management. We stay on top of successful tactics that are being modeled by experts around the world, and pull together the appropriate tools to develop a steady yet adaptable way of being that amplifies your strengths and continually guides you on your leadership path. If there is a specific methodology that intrigues you and you would like to pursue, just ask! Chances are it appeals to you because it plays to your strengths, and that is what we’re all about.

Carrie always makes me feel comfortable sharing what’s on my mind. She listens and then asks all the right questions to help me get to a solution instead of just telling me what I should do.
— Maddie