Leadology specializes in the science of flourishing

What will happen when we think about what is right with people rather than fixating on what is wrong with them?
— Donald Clifton

By first gaining a clear understanding of culture, goals, challenges, and — most importantly — strengths, we create a custom curriculum that propels managers to greatness. While traditional psychology focuses on what is broken, generally leaving people in a neutral state or status quo, our positive psychology approach builds on what is already working, and cultivates these strengths to manifest behaviors that mark effective leaders.



Leadology follows a proven needs assessment methodology to gather input from all stakeholders. Through targeted interviews and interactive focus groups we prioritize the areas that are most relevant to your managers’ real-life challenges to achieve maximum results.




Leadology develops highly customized training that pinpoints your organization’s hot topics, or you can choose from a host of courses that can be lightly customized. Our programs are based on positive psychology and pull from a variety of leadership best practices.




Leadology’s engaging and energetic training style uses interactive scenarios, case studies, and role-plays that solidify skills so participants can apply them the moment they leave the classroom. All facilitation materials are branded for your company.


Carrie has brought an invaluable perspective to our work at Bumble and Bumble. She took the time to understand our culture, what our needs were, and then was able to execute with excellence. She exceeded our expectations.
— Elaine, Vice President, Global Education