Awaken the leader within

We pull from a variety of best practices in leadership training, customizing a curriculum to create a concerted focus on achieving your organization’s top priorities. While our training is tailored to your particular culture and work environment, there are several core skills that we emphasize. Our course journeys include:

  • Giving + Receiving Feedback

    Feedback is an essential skill for engaging team members, driving outcomes, and positively impacting performance and relationships. Leadology introduces a framework for facilitating motivational feedback conversations that reinforce and redirect performance.

  • Career Development

    People want purpose and development in their careers so they can make profound contributions towards the collective mission of the organization. Leadology helps managers identify opportunities for growth and create development plans that will help individuals reach their goals.

  • Understanding Your Communication Style

    Effective communication is foundational to leading teams towards desired results, building trust, and fostering a collaborative environment. Leadology helps managers identify the communication styles of themselves and others and teaches adaptive techniques to increase impact.

  • Productivity Plus

    When we want to get more done, many of us simply work longer hours, move deadlines around, and multitask. Leadology teaches managers how to break down goals into micro-actions, create achievable to-do lists, and assess current behaviors for greater effectiveness when time is tight and pressures are high.

  • Growth Mindset

    A Fixed Mindset keeps us in a place of judgement and criticism. Leadology shares tools and techniques to help managers cultivate a Growth Mindset that fosters continuous learning, problem solving, resilience, and success.

  • StrengthsFinderTM

    According to Gallup’s research, strengths-focused employees are six times more likely to be engaged, and strengths-focused teams are 12.5% more productive. Leadology applies Clifton StrengthsFinder principles to achieve greater performance and outcomes.

  • Delegating + Managing Expectations

    Effective delegators do not just use resources wisely; they give their teams an opportunity to grow and flourish. Leadology helps managers understand strengths and motivators so they can strategically delegate tasks and teaches skills to set and manage expectations.

  • Influencing for Performance

    The most effective influencers can leverage a variety of tactics as well as modify their approach for different audiences and situations. Leadology helps managers gain a self-awareness of their style and teaches tactics to adapt and expand their approach for greater influence.

  • Interviewing Skills

    To be successful, organizations need to hire the right people to join their teams. Leadology teaches hiring managers how to identify role requirements, conduct better interviews, and effectively assess candidates for a winning selection.

  • 1:1 Coaching

    1:1 Coaching can be added to any of these course journeys to accelerate the performance of select managers.

We needed someone that had creative genius with a positive energy - and Carrie was all and beyond.
— Jung Hwang, Manager, Global Education